Newborn Baby Starts Crying Outside And A Momma Deer Comes Running To Check On Him

momma deer

One sweet video that went viral online shows a momma deer come out of the woods when she hears the sounds of a baby crying.

Hanna Burton, the mother to 5-week-old Charlie, was recently doing some tummy time exercises out on their back deck. She had her camera recording the scene, and then Charlie started to fuss.

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At the sound of his little cries, a momma deer instantly came running out of the woods and into the yard. And she was looking up at the little baby boy with almost a look of care and concern.

"Oh, nope, nope, nope!" Hanna says as she picks up Charlie.

"This is my baby," she says to the deer as she stares at the two of them on the deck. "This one's my baby. It's not yours. Hi, momma."

Momma Deer Races Out Of Woods When She Hears A Baby Crying

As Hanna starts to rock and bounce Charlie in her arms to help him calm down, she says, "She thinks you're her baby."

What a sweet sight! It looks like a mother's instincts, no matter the species, are very much attuned to a baby's cry – whether it is your baby or not!

The video that Hanna recorded of her interaction with the momma deer ended up going viral after she posted it on TikTok. So far, it has gotten more than 16 million views, 4 million likes, and 25,000 comments.

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How lucky is baby Charlie to not only have his own mother looking out for him but also a momma deer from the woods in his backyard!

WATCH: Momma Deers Comes To Check On Crying Baby


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

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