Mom Can’t Get Son To Answer Phone So She Uses Ring Doorbell To Invite Him To Taco Night

taco night at home

Maria wanted to have a nice, family taco night at home. But her son wouldn’t pick up the phone when she called. So, the clever mom found a creative way to deliver her invitation!

Maria’s children are all grown up and busy with their own lives. But as a way of keeping a close eye on their elderly parents, they had a Ring doorbell camera installed.

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The advantage to the camera is it allows Maria’s children to keep an eye on the front door from anywhere. And Maria likes it, too.

"I like it because it’s much safer,” she says. “You know who’s coming in or who’s going out. Or who knocks on the door.”

But when it came time for taco night at home, Maria found a whole new use for the doorbell camera!

Son’s Invitation To Taco Night At Home

One of a mother’s joys is feeding her children. It seems to be a universal love language for moms. There’s just something special about having the family come together around the table to share a good meal. And that doesn’t change just when the kids leave the house.

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So, when Maria’s calls to her son about taco night at home went unanswered, she figured out another way to get in touch with him. Maria is a determined woman who simply refuses to be ignored!

The sweet lady knows her children regularly check the alerts from her Ring doorbell. So, she stepped onto the porch and recorded the most adorable message for her son.

“We are having taco night,” she says, “so if you’d like to eat, you just come over.”

WATCH: Mom Invites Son To Taco Night At Home

Of course, most of us with moms like Maria know this invitation isn’t really a request. I sure hope Maria’s son clears his schedule. Because when Mama says come and eat, you’d better come and eat!

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What a beautiful reminder that a child will never outgrow their mother’s love. Thank God for the blessing we get to call Mom!

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