They Found A Baby Sloth Crying For It’s Mother On The Beach And Just Wait ‘Til They’re Reunited

mother and baby sloth

Check out this adorable video of a mother and baby sloth being reunited in a tree after the baby was found stranded and crying on a beach.

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Some staff members from Jaguar Rescue Center (JRC) in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica saw the incident happen. And they made sure to pick up the baby sloth and get it to a vet for a check-up. When the baby was found to be in good shape, the staff started to plan to reunite the baby sloth with the mother.

The reunion is so precious to watch as the mama sloth climbs down the tree to scoop up her little one into her arms. How sweet! And the video of their reunion was posted on Instagram where it went viral with over 26,000 views.

Mother And Baby Sloth Reunited After Rescuers Found Baby On Beach

The caption of the video read: "We are happy to announce that we were able to reunite this mother and baby 3-fingered sloths (Bradypus variegatus). On May 10, one of the staff members found the baby crying on the floor near the beach. He spotted the mom on the tree. But she was climbing back to the canopy, so he brought the baby for a check-up with the vet, the sloth was healthy and didn't have any injuries."

It continued: "We recorded the cry of the baby and played it near the tree to get the mom's attention. We waited patiently until the mom came down for the baby. The JRC created this method a few years ago, we use it every time to be able to reunite mom and baby sloths. It melts our hearts every time we can witness the reunion of a mom and her baby."

What a heartwarming scene! And that mother and baby sloth look so happy to be back together again!

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WATCH: Baby Sloth Reunited With Mama

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