Christian Movie Jesus Revolution Box Office Numbers Are ‘Incredible’, Passing $40 Million

jesus revolution box office numbers

The Christian movie Jesus Revolution box office numbers have absolutely astounded the industry. After just a few weeks, the film surpassed $40 million, becoming the highest-grossing film for its studio, Lionsgate, since 2019. God is definitely on the move!

The faith-based movie Jesus Revolution (rated PG-13) tells a true story involving three men: Chuck Smith (played by Kelsey Grammer from Frasier), Lonnie Frisbee (played by Jonathan Roumie from The Chosen), and Greg Laurie (played by Joel Courtney from Super 8). It’s about a hippie-led revival in the 1960s/70s that spiraled into countless ministries.

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"It’s about faith, it’s about hope and redemption and finding your identity in God," said Christian celebrity Jonathan Roumie. "It’s the great human conundrum, it’s the great question we all ask ourselves: What am I doing? Why am I here? What is my purpose? And every generation has that and gets distracted from God. ... When people come to the realization that God is their identity, God is behind their identity, everything falls into place."

The film hit theaters in late February 2023, and instantly attracted audiences like wildfire!

Success Of Jesus Revolution Box Office Numbers Stuns

Within its first two weekends, the movie Jesus Revolution finished in the Top 5 at the box office. Even on a Monday a couple of weeks after its release, the film grossed $615,000 — an impressive number for an off-night. And this brought Jesus Revolution to $40.02 million gross domestically, which ranks number one among all post-pandemic movies by Lionsgate.

"The numbers are incredible, especially coming out of a pandemic," explained producer Kevin Downes.

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Indeed, the successful box office numbers for the Christian movie, Jesus Revolution, send a pretty strong message. Kevin Downes suggests that by coming out “in droves,” the faith audience is making a statement.

"They’re not going away," he said.

Traditionally, faith-based films haven’t been seen as box-office hits. But that’s something that has been changing in recent years. And the Jesus Revolution box office numbers only further support the fact that there is a desire for these types of uplifting, Christ-centered stories.

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The world certainly needs to hear the Good News. May movies like these continue to bring the Word of God to the masses!

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