Man Flawlessly Pulls Off Epic Movie Theater Proposal With Help Of Strangers From The Internet

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Lee Loechler will certainly go down in history as one of the engagement greats with his incredible movie theater proposal to a very special version of Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’. But he couldn’t have pulled it off so flawlessly without the help he got from strangers on the Internet!

Lee Loechler spent over six months perfecting his proposal to girlfriend, Sthuthi David. Lee is a filmmaker and Sthuthi's favorite movie is ‘Sleeping Beauty.'

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So, when it came time to propose, Lee wanted to incorporate this Disney classic in a very special way.

Lee set out to find an illustrator who could make a custom animation that he could insert into the film. The plan was to showcase this unique rendition of ‘Sleeping Beauty' at a movie theater with Sthuthi in attendance.

But that initial request turned in to so much more!

Lee connected with an illustrator all the way in Australia who was known for her Disney artwork.

After she completed the animation, Lee secured the Coolidge Corner Theatre in the couple’s hometown of Brookline, Massachusetts for the movie theater proposal. He created a fake e-mail from the theater and enlisted the help of Sthuthi's family to invite her to a one-night-only screening of the film.

Man Turns To Internet For Help With Proposal

Lee wanted to have friends and family in the crowd, but he knew that would look too suspicious. That's when he put out a call on the Internet on the Reddit platform asking for anyone in the Massachusetts area that would be willing to take part in the proposal. And the Internet replied in waves.

This viral clip shows the entire movie theater proposal. And Sthuhi's stunned face when Lee gets down on one knee is so amazing!

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On Instagram, Lee wrote about the incredible moment. “The only thing better than seeing the smartest person I know completely dumbfounded was knowing we’d get to live happily ever after together.” We are wishing this couple a lifetime of happiness.

WATCH: Epic Movie Theater Proposal To Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’

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