Mystery Woman Pays For Disabled Vietnam Veteran’s Meal In An Act Of Kindness

An anonymous mystery woman paid for a disabled Vietnam veteran’s meal and the random act of kindness has gone viral. It's the kind of story that gives us all the "feels" especially at Christmastime!

"It's generous, especially now during the holidays," diner general manager Gus Georgatos said. "Normally, when it does happen, the people do want to remain anonymous. I think it's nice."

William and Antoinette Berczan were shocked when they went to pay their bill at the Premier Diner and found that it had already been paid. The couple was at the diner to quietly celebrate a bit of good news. William, a disabled Vietnam veteran, had just received a clean bill of health from his doctors. The surprise at the end of their meal was the cherry on top.

"We were startled, actually, you know that someone would do that, even though it's the holiday season. It never happened to us before," William said.

Mystery Woman Pays For Disabled Vietnam Veterans Meal In An Act Of Kindness


The couple has been married 50 years and had their fair share of ups and downs. After William had been ill for some time, they were excited to learn that they would not need to see any more doctors until after Christmas. The act of kindness was an additional blessing to their day and the couple hopes to pay it forward.

"It would be nice for the holidays. It would be nice all year round. If you can do, and feel like doing it... do it," William said.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." – Aesop


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