Pregnant Woman at the Pool Realizes Her Baby Is Coming, So Teen Lifeguard Jumps into Action

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Natalie Lucas had been working as a lifeguard for three years. She understood the safety rules and regulations, knew how to perform CPR, was well-versed in life-saving procedures, and more.

But, she had not in her three-year stint as a lifeguard had the experience of helping to deliver a baby!

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That was before Little Mister Tobin Thomas Rider made his entrance into the world right there on the Longmont, Colorado YMCA pool deck!

Natalie Lucas Becomes A Hero

It was a typical work day for Natalie Lucas when Tessa Rider and her husband, Matt Jones, came to the pool for a swim. Tessa had been experiencing hip pain, particularly after her pregnancy continued beyond her baby's due date. Swimming seemed to ease the discomfort.

Natalie wasn't concerned at first, but she soon observed that Tessa was having a hard time. She watched as Tessa, using a pool noodle to rest on, began struggling to get out of the pool.

"She had a [pool] noodle to try to release some stress from all that weight on the front of her, I'm guessing, and then she began crawling out of the pool... and I was like, okay, I need to go check to make sure everything's okay there," said Natalie.

As Natalie went to check on Tessa, she saw that Tessa's water had broken, and she heard Matt announce that Tessa was in labor and a baby was on the way!

Teen Lifeguard Helps Deliver Baby

Tessa removed her swimming suit, and Natalie saw that the baby was indeed coming! Matt called 911, and Natalie Lucas leapt into action to assist Mom and Dad. With adrenaline rushing, but with a desire to remain calm, Natalie gathered a first aid kit, medical supplies, and towels from the front desk.

She stayed with Tessa and Matt throughout the delivery, talking with them, helping them focus on the baby, and settling Tessa into a relaxed position.

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Natalie was impressed with the "composure" of the couple. But Tessa and Matt couldn't be more appreciative of Natalie's help during the birth of their beautiful baby boy!

Tobin was in good hands with Natalie Lucas, and he's likely to get to know her much better. He's been given a lifelong membership to the YMCA! That's a great birthday gift-and an even better birth story!

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"and is well known for her good deeds, such as bringing up children, showing hospitality, washing the feet of the Lord's people, helping those in trouble and devoting herself to all kinds of good deeds." 1 Timothy 5:10

WATCH: Heroic Teen Lifeguard Natalie Lucas Helps Deliver Baby At Pool

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