Near Deadly Motorcycle Accident Caught On Dashcam

motorcycle accident caught on camera

A motorcyclist was driving down the road when he nearly died in a collision, and it was all caught on his bike’s dashcam. The man was going down the street when an SUV pulled out right in front of him. The motorcyclist had to quickly swerve to avoid a T-Bone accident. My heart’s in my throat after seeing this near-deadly motorcycle accident caught on camera!

The other driver quickly stopped his vehicle and ran out from his SUV to check and make sure the motorcyclist was OK. The driver was very upset and concerned about the motorcyclist, and he just kept apologizing. After catching his breath, the motorcyclist composed himself enough to let the driver know that he appeared to be going faster than he ought to have been anyways. It was such a close call but, thanks be to God, everyone ended up being OK this time.

This had to have shaken up both drivers, but this is a great reminder to always obey the traffic signs and drive the speed limit. It only takes an instant for a simple mistake to end a life, and not every driver is as caring as the driver in the SUV. Most folks probably would’ve sped off without a second thought about that poor motorcyclist. I’m very glad that he did at least stop and they were able to talk a bit about what nearly happened. But what a nerve-wracking moment!

WATCH: Near-Deadly Motorcycle Accident Caught on Camera

Safety Tips for How to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Here are some simple tips from about how to share the road safely with motorcyclists.

  • Always signal, check mirrors and check blind spots.
  • Give them the whole lane.
  • Treat motorcycle turn signals with caution.
  • Give motorcycles extra following & passing distance.

Credit: Motorbikes and Memes

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