New Jersey Plumber Drives 22 Hours To Texas To Serve Others During Historic Snow Storm

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After one New Jersey plumber heard that the historic snowstorm in Texas left many people with busted pipes waiting to be fixed, he made the long drive down to Houston to help serve those in need.

Andrew Mitchell is a plumber in New Jersey. He brought his wife, Kisha Pinnock, and his apprentice, Isaiah Pinnock, on the 22-hour drive to Houston when he heard about all the people down there that were affected by the insane weather. The cold and icy weather left many people with broken pipes in their homes. And Texas plumbers were overwhelmed with all of the service calls.

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Stores in Texas were also selling out of many necessary supplies. So, Andrew bought as many supplies as he could afford and headed down to the Lonestar State to offer his assistance. One of his relatives in Houston connected him to another plumbing service in the area that he could work with.

New Jersey Plumber Makes 22-Hour Trip To Houston To Help In Snow Storm

"By the time we got here, there was already about four or five jobs lined up from my sister. And we just hit those first," said Andrew's wife, Kisha Pinnock. "And then everything after that has really just been referrals from the initial customers, like their friends and family. Since we've been here, it has really been nonstop."

Many people had to relocate during the winter storm in Texas and stay with friends or family members or in hotels for a duration of time. With the heat going out and pipes breaking, staying at their own home was no longer an option.

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Thank goodness for Andrew's quick thinking to make the trek down from New Jersey to help those Texans in desperate need of a plumber!

WATCH: New Jersey Plumbers Provide Helping Hand In Texas

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