Next Time You Renew Your License, Check The Donor Box

The beautiful sound of a heartbeat is music to a mother’s ears!

When the employee behind the counter at DMV asks if you would like to be an organ donor, I encourage you to say “yes.” You just never know how you could bring life to someone in need. When James Heisler was 16 years old and received his brand new license, he said yes to that very question and shocked his own family with his selflessness. James’ father, Jared said, “He made the decision that if life ever slipped away from him, he would give life to someone else.”

In March of this year, James’ small gesture came to fruition. James lost his life at just 21 years old in a house fire. And yet his willingness to help others gave life to Tom Meeks who was waiting, hoping and praying for a miracle. Now, months later, James’ family can take comfort as they meet Tom and hear their son’s heartbeat in Tom’s chest.

Watch this amazing and beautiful moment as the families meet. God bless you, James.

By Melissa McGlensey

Featured Image Credit: Youtube

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