Woman With Birthmark Uses No Make-Up Selfie To Silence Bullies

Amy Elsegood has a dark birthmark on her face. Big deal, right? She’s beautiful just the way God made her. We know that. But sadly, cruel bullies have teased Amy about her birthmark for years. It upset her at first. But eventually, Amy realized there was nothing wrong with her. And the brave young woman posted a no make-up selfie featuring her birthmark to silence the bullies once and for all!

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Growing Up ‘Different’

Amy, who’s from England, has what’s known as a port-wine birthmark. Naturally, the mark made no difference to her family. They loved her just the way she was.

Sadly, though, people can be cruel. And by the time she was four, the bright, happy girl was made painfully aware that she was “different.” Kids teased her and called her “blob face.”

Amy underwent laser treatments as a child intended to diminish the mark. The treatments are most effective on young skin, but they’re also incredibly painful.

“I hated being put under general anesthetic every time,” she recalled. “It made my face so sore afterwards too.”

Amy finally gave up the agonizing procedure when she was ten years old.

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The Bullying Continues

The bullying continued throughout Amy’s life, making her even more self-conscious. And it wasn’t just kids making hurtful comments.

Amy can still remember the backhanded “compliment” she once received from a woman while she was on vacation. The rude woman told Amy she would’ve been pretty, if not for her birthmark.

As a teenager, Amy turned to make-up to hide her “flaw.” She learned all kinds of techniques so that she could make her birthmark invisible.

“I was so embarrassed by my port wine stain that I never thought anyone would accept me for who I was.”

Then, at 16, Amy met Josh. He was from another school, but the same age. The two hit it off and started dating. But each time they went out, Amy had on make-up. Finally, she worked up the courage to show Josh the real her.

"I decided to meet him with no make-up on. I said ‘this is what I really look like,' but he simply replied with ‘it makes no difference to me.'"

The two are still together today.

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Credit: Caters News Agency

Even so, for years Amy refused to leave the house without make-up concealing her birthmark.

"I wore it every time I left the house as I was too self-conscious to go out without hiding my birthmark first," she says.

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Finding Freedom

But over time, and with encouragement from those who loved her, Amy came to realize she had nothing to hide.

"My birthmark doesn't need to define me and no-one should be ashamed to show who they really are,” she said.

And so, she decided to post a no make-up selfie featuring her birthmark. And the response was overwhelming! Messages of support poured in from all around the world, and Amy’s confidence just continued to grow.

"Since posting my selfie online I have gained so much confidence, it's been great helping others who are in a similar position too.”

While Amy still wears make-up for fun, she no longer feels like she has to wear it all the time. What started as an insecure compulsion is now just a hobby. She’s even started her own Beauty channel on YouTube so she can teach others. There, Amy gives tutorials on the make-up techniques she’s developed over the years.

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“I started my first video with no make-up on at all, I wanted everyone to see my birthmark and how it looked under make-up,” Amy explained. “Although I’m confident enough not to wear camouflage make-up 24 hours per day, I love practicing new techniques and trying out the latest make-up styles.There’s so many other young girls with birthmarks who don’t know about the best brands to use and I wanted to help.”

And it just goes to show how God can make anything work for His good. Amy’s interest in make-up started as a way to hide her birthmark. Now, it’s a hobby she’s using to help inspire and encourage others!

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