Nurse Comforts Dying Patient With Singing ‘Dancing in the Sky’

Nurse Sings 'Dancing in the Sky' To Dying Patient

Olivia Neufelder is the type of nurse that will do anything for her patients, especially for Margaret Smith. Olivia and Margaret formed an incredibly special bond as Margaret awaited a liver transplant. The two would sing together often, something that always made their days better. Margaret was in her final days of battling cancer when she asked Olivia to sing for her.

The incredibly talented Olivia agreed and sang the touching song ‘Dancing in the Sky’ by Dani and Lizzy. The song talks about dancing and celebrating with Jesus Christ in Heaven, and it is such a fitting choice for a woman who needed comfort in her final days. Margaret has since passed, but what a beautiful moment to have to save. God bless Olivia!

Source: rumblestaff