Pediatric Nurse In London Sings About The Kids She’s Loved And Lost In Heart-Wrenching Audition

A pediatric nurse in London, Beth Porch, is also a very talented singer. And she brought one of the judges to tears on Britain’s Got Talent with her touching original audition, inspired by the children she’s loved and lost in her line of work.

25-year-old Beth Porch makes a living as a pediatric nurse in London at the National Health Service in Britain.

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But Beth also has a second dream and that is music. This talented young woman is a gifted vocalist and musician. Sometimes, she even brings her guitar to work to play for the children.

Today, she's taking her skills to an even bigger stage as she auditions for the latest season of Britain's Got Talent. Beth’s original song, ‘You Taught Me What Love Is,' easily won over the judges.

Young Warriors Are The Inspiration For Emotional Song

As a pediatric nurse in London, Beth Porch has many difficult days. To cope with some of those emotions, she turns to music. Beth’s work in the children’s ward actually inspired the beautiful song you hear. And it's hard to hold back the tears.

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Judge Aleshia Dixon was the first to praise Beth. "I just want to say thank you so much, hearing what you do puts everything into perspective, I was thinking about my own children I was choked up the whole time."

One by one, each of the judges had rave reviews for this incredible vocalist. David said, "We say on this show you’ve got two minutes to change your life, but you’ve touched all our lives with that song. It was truly staggeringly beautiful and you delivered it perfectly."

Since her initial audition, Beth has returned to work to help fight COVID-19.

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We thank her, and all other front line workers, for their incredible heart and sacrifices during these difficult times.

WATCH: Pediatric Nurse In London, Beth Proch, In Emotional Audition

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