NYC Man Finds Adorable Ways to Pursue Love During Quarantine

love during quarantine

We're all stuck at home right now. Some of us have nothing to do, many parents are wishing they had less to do. Then there are those who are using this time to look for love during quarantine. One New York City man had to look no further than the neighboring rooftop.

New York City has made headlines for being the hardest hit US city during the coronavirus pandemic. Citizens have been on lock-down in their homes as they try to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. To get some fresh air, some folks have headed to their rooftops to get some fresh air and maybe a little exercise.

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That's how Tori and Jeremy both happened to be hanging out on their rooftops. Tori Cignarella was dancing in the sun, and Jeremy Cohen had gone on his own roof to take photos. Jeremy noticed Tori and wanted to reach out.


But due to heavy social distancing guidelines, Jeremy, like other New York City residents, was stuck at home. Without being able to get close enough to ask her out, he used his creative mind to come up with another plan. He sent a drone to her rooftop with his phone number attached for her to call him!

Jeremy posted videos about his experience for the world to see on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The event has become popular on social media, even sparking news coverage of the couple's unique story.

Could These Two New Yorkers Find Love During Quarantine?

After exchanging phone numbers, he and Tori texted for a couple of days. Very soon, Jeremy went from texting to using technology to coordinate a dinner date. He used an app to send Tori's roommate money to buy food and coordinate a surprise her with a virtual dinner date!

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“She came up, and then we both enjoyed our dinners together from roof to roof while we FaceTimed,” Jeremy explained.

If a rooftop dinner over video chat wasn't adorable enough, Jeremy concocted another plan for their next date. Jeremy enclosed himself within an inflatable bubble as he and his date walked down Brooklyn streets. I bet Tori never thought she'd ever go out on a date with a guy who showed up in a giant human-sized hamster ball!


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Their cute story is a reminder to others that connection is still possible amidst the crisis. Sometimes, you just have to get a little creative! "Just because we have to socially distance doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant,” shared Jeremy. He exemplifies how we can use modern technology to connect with other people.

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Their story also shows the many unfathomable ways God can provide us with companionship no matter where we are in life, at home or on a rooftop. Even in quarantine, life does not have to be lonely.

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