This One-Legged Man Just Turned His Misfortune Into Something Hilarious

If you talked to Josh Sundquist and only saw him from the waist up, you would never know that he was missing something very important: one leg. That is because having that extra leg isn’t as important to Josh as making people smile. He is a cancer survivor, US Amputee Soccer Team member, Paralympic skier, author, motivational speaker, and an incredible costume-maker.

When you see what Josh has done with himself you won’t be able to contain yourself. So far he has turned himself into…

A bitten gingerbread man.


The lamp from A Christmas Story

A flamingo

And Josh was a foosball player!

What a true example of how to make lemonade from life’s ole’ lemons.

Romans 5:3

Credit: 22 Words

Featured Image Credit: Youtube