A Dog And Owl Make The Unlikeliest Of Pals, But Also The Sweetest

godupdates unlikely friendship of owl and dog poldi and ingo fb

Tanja Brandt is a professional animal photographer in Germany. And boy did she hit gold when she found Poldi and Ingo. This rescue owl and dog are probably just about the unlikeliest pair you’ll ever see. But oh my, they sure are cute!

godupdates unlikely friendship of owl and dog poldi and ingo fb

Credit: Tanja Brandt

Tanja has always loved animals. That love led her to photography, drawn by a desire to take good photos of her animal friends. And from there, her passion of animal photography blossomed into a full-blown profession!

Tanja is especially drawn to dogs and birds of prey.

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Shepherd dog, Ingo, has been Tanja’s faithful companion for some time. And since Tanja frequently photographs various birds, Ingo has become quite comfortable around his human’s feathered friends.

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But never has he bonded with any like he has Poldi, a year-old owlet Tanja rescued!

Looking Out For Each Other

Poldi was the last to hatch in the nest, two days after his brothers and sisters. As a result, he’s always been tiny, making him vulnerable out in the wild.

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Tanja says the little guy "doesn't know how to live free."

Thankfully, the tiny bird has been blessed with a fierce protector in Ingo.

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The two share a special “protector-protected” bond that’s amazing to behold.

"They respect each other and they can read each other," Tanja says.


Owl And Dog Ignore Differences

Ingo may be bigger and stronger, but Poldi brings just as much to the relationship. His cuddles and affection are much loved by the big pup!

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The sweet friendship breaks all the rules. But that’s what makes it so powerful, and what makes Tanja’s photos so heartwarming. Her captions often highlight the special bond Ingo and Poldi share.

“No matter how different you are, among friends, it’s unimportant,” she writes on Instagram.

It’s their differences that make the friendship so unique. But to Poldi and Ingo, there’s nothing strange about their relationship. To them, it makes perfect sense!

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“And some day you wake up and recognize,
What’s right and what’s wrong
Whats true and what’s a lie
Whats important and whats unimportant
And most of all who really is important to you”

This unlikely friendship between owl and dog is an inspiration for us humans. Too often we see only what makes us different. But that’s not what God sees!

"Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him." Acts 10:34-35

Be sure to check out more of Tanja’s stunning photos of Poldi and Ingo on her website or on Instagram.

See more of Ingo and his feathered friends in Tanja’s video below:

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