Dog Celebrates Her Birthday With Cheese Burgers And Her Doggy Siblings

godupdates doggy birthday party

It is this special dog's birthday, and her owners wanted to celebrate the joyous occasions. So, they gathered all of her brothers and sisters for a fun doggy birthday party.

Kelo is turning eight years old which means it is time to celebrate! Her loving family threw a doggy birthday party for her to make her feel so special! It's a full house with all her siblings there. And everyone is excited about the festivities!

The birthday puppy princess is sitting on her daddy's lap. She’s dressed in a purple tutu with a pink birthday bow tied around her neck. Instead of blowing out candles on a cake to celebrate, Kelo's owners got her and her doggy siblings a few cheeseburgers to enjoy. So, all of the doggies are sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. They look so adorable with their blue and pink party hats on.

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They were very excited about their burgers and tried to wait patiently to devour them. You can tell that they could barely contain themselves by the way they continuously licked their lips as their owners opened the packaging on the burgers. One of the doggies tried to reach for his burger. But their owners told them that they could not eat it until they sang, "Happy Birthday" to Kelo. One of Kelo's brothers was so impatient during the song and kept trying to grab his burger as soon as his owner unwrapped it.

Even Kelo anxiously waited for the "Happy Birthday" song to be over. She and all her doggy siblings cannot wait to eat their birthday burgers! And when the song finally ended, Kelo was given her burger first and everyone else ate theirs. It was so cute! What a way to celebrate a doggy's birthday.

WATCH: Family Throws A Doggy Birthday Party

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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