Parents Who Lost Son to Alligator Welcome New Baby

Parents Who Lost Son to Alligator Welcome New Baby: ‘God Has Blessed our Family’

Matt and Melissa Graves are the parents of the two-year-old boy who was killed by an alligator. This couple experienced unimaginable loss, but are now sharing news of the amazing blessing they have received from God!

Two years ago, the couple’s son, Lane Graves, was playing on the shore near Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. They were standing next to him when he was dragged underwater by an alligator. His poor parents watched in horror. The father tried but failed to rescue the boy, whose body was sadly found the next day.

Now, the Graves happily announce that they have a new addition to their family.

"We are happy to announce the birth of our son, Christian Lane Graves," Matt and Melissa said. "Although we know the pain of losing Lane will never go away, we feel God has blessed our family with this precious miracle of life."

The Graves also have a daughter, Ella.

Last year the parents announced the establishment of The Lane Thomas Foundation. It provides financial support to families of children undergoing organ transplants. The foundation also supports research with the goal of eliminating "the need for organ transplantation to save children's lives."

"Lane was a beaming, spirited and loving child who always referred to himself by his first and middle names, Lane Thomas." The foundation is "an enduring way to remember the light and hope he brought to the world."

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