Parents Of Triplets Struggle To Stop The Tiny Tots From Raiding The Fridge And It’s Hilarious

parents with triplets

These parents with triplets had quite the challenge when all three of their babies wanted to raid the fridge at the same time! What a hilarious and cute moment captured on video!

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"Just a normal day over here," writes Maria Rogers about the video that she filmed of her family. "I love that Xavier has way more patience than me," she says about her husband trying to wrangle their three children. As he pulls one adorable baby away from the open fridge, another cutie starts walking towards it. And as soon as he gets that little one away, there is yet another baby running to get their hands on the snacks in the fridge! It is such a funny moment to witness!

Parents With Triplets Show A Glimpse Into How Funny And Hectic Life Can Be With Three Babies Running Around

Maria and Xavier Rogers welcomed triplets into the world in April 2019, two identical boys and one girl. The babies' names are Elliot, Elijah, and Sophia. The family started a YouTube page to document their life with triplets and to share the funny and sweet moments that they experience each day.

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With so many little feet running around the house, things are sure to get a little crazy for the Rogers family but in the best possible ways. The love and joy that those triplets bring to their parents is evident, and it is wonderful to see this young family documenting these precious moments of their children's lives.

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