Pastor’s Tweets ‘Jesus is My Healer’ from the Hospital ICU Go Viral

pastor tweets Jesus is my healer

When he became so ill from the deadly COVID-19 virus that he was admitted to the ICU, Pastor Mark McClurg tweets, "Jesus is my healer" from his hospital bed. The tweet went viral!

Everyone's on edge due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There are probably very few people in the world who haven’t been affected in some way by the crisis. Yet for some, faith remains intact even as they stare death in the face.

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Mark, a pastor in Northern Ireland of Elim Pentecostal Church, was admitted to Ulster Hospital's intensive care unit when he found himself very ill from the deadly virus. He first shared his story on March 24th on Twitter.


He created subsequent posts, some of which were videos. In these posts, he advocated for people to not underestimate the severity of the virus and to follow the guidelines of the government.

Pastor Tweets ‘Jesus Is My Healer’ After Surviving Coronavirus

“If you get coronavirus and you have to go into the intensive care unit, that means you are going to struggle to breathe, you could go on a ventilator, so please listen to all the advice of the government," he said.


Despite the scary experience, Mark recovered from the illness. Upon his release from Ulster Hospital, Mark thanked people online for their prayers, thanked the staff, and of course had Jesus to thank.

"Jesus is my healer," he said in his post.


His trending story is a reminder to all of us that Jesus can heal through the hands of others. Life is not guaranteed for anyone, but the pastor has lived to share his testimony with others.

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We can look at his experience as a reminder that the storm might be present right now, but not forever. A brighter day will come. We just have to keep the faith until then.

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