God Gave Peyo, A Therapy Horse, A Special Purpose — He Can Sense Who Needs Him Most

peyo therapy horse

God gave Doctor Peyo, a therapy horse, a very special purpose. This empathetic creature can sense who needs him most, then seeks to bring them comfort.

No one walks this earth without a purpose. This happens to include a human whisperer on four legs.

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You can find this majestic creature roaming the halls of hospitals in France.

Peyo Becomes A Therapy Horse

‘Doctor' Peyo saunters through the halls making way to the people who need him most. When he finds a soul crying out from isolation, loneliness, and illness, he stops in the door or lifts one of his legs to communicate, "This person needs me." Hassen, his owner, then makes the introduction, although, at this point in Doctor Peyo's therapy career, the horse no longer needs one.

Hassen, however, isn’t really his owner anymore but more like his assistant. Hassen and Peyo initially had a relationship as horse and showman in equestrian events. But Hassen said Peyo was always looking for human interaction.

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“It was very complicated to no longer be the master, and to be forced to admit that when Peyo detects someone is sick, I am no longer in control,” Hassen explained. “When he decides, I cannot hold him back — it is in him, he needs to go and cling onto the specific person he has chosen.”

The horse had this uncanny ability to reach out to those who were suffering in some shape or form in the crowds so then Hassen decided, why not hospitals?

Before he enters a hospital, the 15-year-old stallion gets his mane and tail braided, his hooves greased, and his coat is covered with antibacterial lotion. Then like a surgeon's cap, he is fitted with a horse blanket to reduce the risk of infection for the patients Peyo visits.

Peyo the therapy horse has this uncanny ability to sort out who needs him most. This included a young mom by the name of Marion with metastatic cancer. As she cuddled with her son Ethan, Peyo entered the room with reverence and nuzzled the pair.

Horse With A Special Gift

Without a word, Peyo the therapy horse connects with his patients, reducing their fear, pain, and anxiety. His ability to comfort and encourage patients to heal astounds doctors and scientists alike.

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But if you ask his patient Eva, a seven-year-old fighting cancer, she will say it's because he's her friend and Peyo understands how she's feeling without saying a word. He comes to visit her often and when he does, his presence gives her a little more pep in her step and the extra courage to fight. Hospital staff often sees the pair together roaming the halls visiting other patients too!

Hassen never imagined ending his career as a showman to be a horse's assistant, but he says when Peyo, "…detects someone [is sick], I am no longer in control. When he decides, I cannot hold him back, it’s a need, it’s visceral, it is in him, he needs to go and cling onto the specific person he has chosen..." Who is Hassen to hold him back from those in need? God certainly knows how to comfort us in ways we never imagined.

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“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3

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