They Gathered For A Family Picture And Hilarious Photobombing Dog Refused To Be Left Out

dog hilariously photobombs a family photo

One photogenic pooch refused to be left out of one particular family moment. The animal pulled off an extraordinary and hilarious move to be included in the occasion.

As anyone who has had a pet knows, they become so much more. Those four-legged furry friends have the ability to find their way into our hearts and become family. It gets to the point where celebrating birthdays or holidays without them feels odd and incomplete.

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That feeling must be mutual after what Bo, a cockapoo, did when she witnessed her family preparing to enjoy a touching moment without her.

In early April, Tamsin Cowan, a 43-year-old nurse, invited her family to her house in Surrey, England for a party, according to the DailyMail. It was a birthday party for her father. They were celebrating his turning 70 years old.

However, as all families do, they wanted to do something to remember the special get-together. What better way to commemorate the occasion than with a photo together, right?

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The picture did not include all family members, it turned out. Before the family gathered for the photo, Tamsin let Bo outside in order to play. She was in the garden.

The grandfather and his seven grandchildren gathered for the picture, according to Northants Live. But later, when looking at the picture, they noticed something odd. Bo jumps at the back door at the exact moment the picture is taken.

The Dog’s Hilarious Photobomb Didn’t Surprise Her Owner

Tamsin really wasn't surprised by Bo's hilarious photobomb after seeing the photo, she confessed.

"My whole family just laughed and thought it wasn’t much of a surprise because Bo loves a cuddle," she said to the DailyMail. "She’s very sweet, and she loves to be involved so she’ll always be nudging me for a cuddle."

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In addition to being laugh-out-loud hilarious, Bo shows she's got an impressive vertical. She is pretty far off the ground!

What a hilarious and sweet moment showing an animal who obviously loves and appreciates her family!

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