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Thanks to Melva N. Castillo for sharing this great shot of a sunset. We especially love the clouds that look like a cross! Beautiful!Cross In the Sky

Carl Tidy was searching for inspiration for a poster he was designing for churches, when he stepped outside for some fresh air. What he saw when he looked up gave him the surprise of his life!

Because you see, the clouds directly over his head looked exactly like Jesus on the cross!

"I was frozen to the spot and couldn't quite believe what I was seeing," says Carl. "I must admit there was more than a hint of feeling scared as well. It was one of those moments when you can almost feel your heart sinking to the bottom of your stomach, because you can't really take in what is happening."

Carl quickly ran and grabbed his camera. The image below is exactly as he photographed it, without any photoshopping.

"It's not the kind of thing you experience every day, especially on the scale that it was. It seemed to cover a large area of sky and was by no means subtle, as the photo shows."

So was this just a random cloud formation, or was God talking to Carl?

Carl believes that God creates all seemingly random events, no matter how obscure.

"Whether or not this was a heaven-sent, divine cloud painting by God, or just a striking accident of two planes crossing paths behind a cloud formation, I can't really say. All I can tell you is that I was glad I was there to see it in person, and fortunate enough to have a camera around so I could share the image with others."

He adds: "Even if it was a totally random event, it still made me think about the bigger picture, and how great God is. Hopefully it will have the same effect on others who see it as well." (credit: rejesus)

Jesus-On-Cross-Cloud Jesus-Rising-Above-Clouds God's-Love-Cloud

This spirit picture from Elaine Fontese reveals an apparition of a figure, many believing it to be Jesus Christ due to the out-stretched arms. Others believe this to be an angel bringing a message to someone, or perhaps, watching over the person.


My name is Christopher and I live in Edgewood, NM. This picture was given to me by my mother at my grandmother’s funeral. She took this picture from the front yard of her house. Jesus-In-The-Cloud-ChristopherHeavenly-Angel-Cloud Jesus-Watching-Over-You-Cloud Jesus-Praying-Over-You-Cloud Jesus-Protecting-You-During-Travels-Cloud Jesus-In-Prayer-Cloud Angel-Cloud Cross-Trails-Cloud Jesus-On-A-Cloud


OK, this one’s a little more obvious–LOL. Who wouldn’t like to look up and see this in the sky for real, though? 😉


h/t: Jesus Daily