Little Boy Asked A Police Officer To Stop And The Picture Of Them Praying Together Is Powerful

picture of a boy praying with police officer jan dykes

A powerful picture of a boy praying with a police officer at the bus stop is touching hearts all over. The thoughtfulness of the young child meant the world to LMPD officer, Jan Dykes. And it served as a beautiful reminder for the rest of us of what childlike faith looks like!

Sometimes when we think about acts of kindness, we assume God is asking us to do something big. But often, it’s the simplest gestures that have the most impact.

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A sweet little boy in Kentucky proved this when he randomly asked to pray with Louisville Metro police Officer Jan Dykes.

Story Behind Picture Of A Boy Praying With Police Officer

One day, as LMPD officer Jan Dykes performed her morning patrol, she ended up having the sweetest moment with a student waiting for his school bus. Though the two didn’t know each other, the little boy asked the police officer to stop for the best reason.

“Hey, before you leave, would mind if I prayed with you for your day and my day going to school?” he asked.

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Of course, Jan was more than happy to oblige his request. And the picture of the little boy praying with her is just so amazing.

The police officer bent down and let this precious child pray for her. And she says he did a wonderful job!

"It was great," she recalled. "He said, ‘I want to pray for this officer’s safety. I made a new friend. I really hope her day goes great, and hopefully, she makes a lot of lives better and going to school and meeting new people.'”

Boy’s Act Of Kindness Inspires

The boy’s bold prayer had such a positive impact on LMPD officer Jan Dykes’ day. She even returned to the bus stop in the afternoon, hoping to thank him for his thoughtfulness.

“It brought a lot of joy to me for him to want to do that for me,” the officer said.

Unfortunately, Jan wasn’t able to find him again. But the boy’s act of kindness and incredible display of faith isn’t something she’ll soon forget.

“It made me happy to see someone so young… being so positive and wanting to be that light,” she said.

This boy’s bold faith is certainly inspiring. And what a powerful reminder that God can do big things with even the smallest act of kindness!

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“Truly I say to you, Whoever does not put himself under the kingdom of God like a little child, will not come into it at all.” Mark 10:15

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