Pit Bull In Animal Shelter Who Waited More Than A Decade For A Home Finally Has One

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It’s hard enough for a pit bull in animal shelter to get adopted, but add in allergic conditions, a benign tumor, and the need for some compassionate behavior training-and finding a home can take years.

For sweet 14-year-old pit bull mix Wiggles, it took 11. Then a match-made-in-heaven arrived.

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It took over a decade of waiting at the 5As (Afton Area Animal Aid Association) shelter in Illinois for a family to find her. Shelter dog trainer and retired nurse, Karla Crane, shares that Wiggles was adopted by a couple who is happy to love on their new pup.

In her new home, Wiggles is a welcome companion since the couple's two dogs passed away from cancer.

After years of being overlooked because of a growing, but non-cancerous, tumor, Wiggles' new family wanted to help and give Wiggles the love she needed. Karla has had contact with the adoptive family and says they're a perfect fit. They've already taken Wiggles to their vet for arthritis medicine, bloodwork, and a tumor checkup.

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Karla added, "they have a big fenced-in yard and a nice neighborhood. They came in Sunday afternoon…and also gave a $300 donation to the 5As."

For Wiggles The Pit Bull, Animal Shelter Was Home Since 2010

Someone dropped Wiggles at the 5As animal shelter in 2010 when she was just 3 years old. Her former owners couldn’t afford her allergy medicine.

Then, as Karla explained, it took the shelter a while to soften Wiggles' demeanor and nurture her friendly spirit. Even though Wiggles warmed up to people with the 5As care, the vet then diagnosed her with a golf-ball-sized tumor that continued to grow.

Unfortunately, the vet can’t operate on the tumor because of Wiggles' advanced age. But the good news is, it's completely non-cancerous.

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Nevertheless, even a benign tumor can create an obstacle for shelter animals. Prospective families are usually hesitant to adopt pets with any abnormalities. So the caring shelter staff loved on Wiggles — giving her the specialty food, medicines, and vet visits she needed — for more than a decade.

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Together, Wiggles, her shelter family, and her adoptive family exemplify the kind of hope and faith that brings home miracles.

Wiggles is now nestled in her new home in Lake St. Louis, a happy ending that Karla said makes her cry "tears of happiness."

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“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…" James 1:27

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