99-Year-Old Plans To Read The Whole Bible Again After Doing It 60 Times: ‘Might As Well Make It 61’

plans to read the whole bible 99-year-old woman

After already doing it 60 times in her life, a 99-year-old woman called Miss Helen plans to read the whole Bible again. And that’s because she says. "God shows me something new every time."

This 99-year-old Bible reading legend attends The Church at Station Hill, in Spring Hill, Tennessee. All the members of the congregation call her Miss Helen.

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And now, Miss Helen is making headlines because of her awesome response to a challenge from the church’s Pastor.

Plans To Read The Whole Bible In 1 Year

When pastor Jay Strother challenged the church to read the whole Bible in a year, Miss Helen could have easily taken a pass.

She read through the whole Bible for the first time during World War II. It was part of the "Read the Bible through in '42." Since then, Miss Helen has been through the Good Book 60 times already in her life!

But she had a great response after Pastor Strother issued the challenge.

"I've been through the Bible 60 times and I might as well make it 61," the 99-year-old said.

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And when the Pastor asks her why she plans to read the whole Bible again, Miss Helen again has the most amazing answer.

"God shows me something new every time," Pastor Strother says Miss Helen replied. "She said ‘you'd think I've heard these stories, but every time I read it or hear it being read, I catch something new’."

Pastor Jay Strother hopes Miss Helen’s commitment to reading God’s Word will inspire others.

"You could read the entire Bible through out loud in about 72 hours," he said. "So in just a little more in the time that people usually watch TV – the typical American in two weeks – you could read the Bible through. So, it's not that we don't have the time, it's that we don't choose the time."

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Miss Helen is about to turn 100 years old and she’s setting an amazing example for us all!

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