Police Officer Responds To Call And Feels God Telling Him To Adopt 5 Siblings

adopt 5 siblings

Las Vegas police officer Nick Quintana felt God calling him to adopt 5 siblings after responding to a tragic 911 call. And his obedience is truly inspiring!

Has God ever placed a call on your heart that seemed crazy? Has He ever asked you to do something that was so far outside of your comfort zone? How did you respond?

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Las Vegas police officer Nick Quintana found himself in one of those situations after a 911 call came in during his lunch break.

A Call That Changed Everything

While eating his lunch, a little girl made an emergency call begging for help. She said her parents were outside fighting when she heard four loud bangs.

Nick didn’t need to respond. He was on his break and plenty of other officers were headed to the scene. But something deep inside was nudging him to go check things out.

“I just felt this abrupt urge to go,” he explained. “I was originally just kind of resistant to that feeling, because I was just trying to enjoy my lunch. And again, it just came stronger. I know it sounds weird, but it kept getting stronger.”

This was the Holy Spirit guiding Nick Quintana to the exact place where he needed to be. Not just as a police officer, but as a child of God. And little did Nick know, but this call would lead him and his wife to adopt 5 siblings who’d suffered the unimaginable!

A Tragedy That Hits Close To Home

Officers arrived at the scene of the 911 call to discover the father of the 5 children inside the home had been fatally shot by his ex-wife.

"I remember one of the children,” recalled one of the first officers to arrive, Dwayne Hogans. “I can't remember if it was the second oldest or the third oldest, but she kept saying, ‘so are they going to split us up?' That's one of those things that you remember on scene that can really break your heart."

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Nick Quintana was at the scene long enough to get the story before he had to leave for another call. But soon, another prompting from the Holy Spirit had him circling back.

“I did something I had never done before and I came back to this particular incident,” he said.

At first, Nick wasn’t there to adopt the 5 siblings. But the situation hit him hard because the tragedy was eerily close to something he’d experienced in his past.

As a young child, a family member killed Nick’s father. He knew firsthand the pain and trauma of what the kids were experiencing. And that left him wanting to speak with them.

“I told them, I said, ‘Hey, make me a promise. I want you to promise me that you’ll learn to forgive,'” he recalled.

Officer Decides To Adopt 5 Siblings

The 5 siblings — a 16- and 17-year-old who asked to remain anonymous, along with 14-year-old Olivia, 8-year-old Owen, and 6-year-old Kristina — were just being told what had happened to their dad. And seeing the kids receive such horrendous news hit Nick hard.

"I've seen a lot of people lament over the loss of a loved one," he explained. "But I'll never forget Kristina's cry."

In this moment, Las Vegas police officer Nick Quintana felt God calling him to adopt the 5 siblings. He shared his desire to take in the children with the Child Protective Services representative, along with Officer Dwayne Hogans.

Now he just had to tell his wife, Amanda.

Praying For God’s Will

Nick went home and woke up Amanda and shared the desire he truly believes “God placed on my heart.” Her response — “Is this a dream?”

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However, once Amanda had a chance to process what Nick said (and fully wake up!) she agreed to pray about it. It’s something the couple spent the next few days doing until Amanda was ready to meet the kids. And when they told the 5 siblings of their plans to take them in, the kids couldn’t believe it.

The children feared they’d be split up during the foster process. But now, God had delivered them the peace they needed during such a turbulent time. And they’d brought Nick to their side — someone who had experienced a similar traumatic situation and could uniquely relate to what they were going through.

CPS allowed all 5 children to go and live with Amanda and Nick Quintana as the couple worked through the process of becoming certified foster parents. And once that’s complete, Nick and his wife plan to adopt the 5 siblings.

Plans To Adopt 5 Siblings

These overnight parents are working their hardest to quickly learn how to care for 5 kids all at once. And Nick and Amanda are open with the children about the learning curve they are all facing together.

"I guess I'm still learning, too. I'm still human," he said. "I told the kids this, too: I said, ‘I'll do my best to be the best that I can be for you.' But I'm still going to make mistakes."

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But what God begins, He is always faithful to complete. And with His fingerprints all over this inspiring story, there’s no doubt He has big plans for this family!

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