Strangers Help Save 15-Year-Old From Potential Abduction

potential teen predator abduction

The hidden camera television show ‘What Would You Do?’ is back with a far too common moral dilemma, a potential teen predator abduction. A 15-year-old girl in a coffee shop is approached by an older man asking her to get into his car.

He used her interest in music to try to lure her in. He told her that he had an in-house music studio right around the corner and wanted her to come with him.

As other customers overhear the conversation, a decision must be made. You see the reactions of the other customers in the coffee shop. Some people can hear everything that is being said to the teen. Some people ignored and watched, while others intervened, and gave the teenage girl some advice.

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One of the people who intervened was a dad and his daughter. They heard how persistent the predator was and they came to her rescue. When the predator went away, the dad quickly asked the girl if she knew him and he urged her to not go.

He offered to go to another coffee shop with her so that she can escape. When the stranger came back and tried to get the girl to leave with him again, the dad and his daughter refused to let her leave with him.

They tried the experiment one more when a couple of elderly women were visiting the coffee shop. They were also very adamant about making sure that the girl was safe. One of the elderly ladies demanded the girl to not leave with him.

The experiment was also tried on a group of college students. They were overhearing the conversation between the stranger and the teenage girl. When he walks away, they tell her directly that she should not leave with the guy. When he came back to leave with the teenage, Jennifer, one of the college students spoke for the teenage girl.

She told him firmly to leave the teenage alone and got just as aggressive as the predator did. Even when he grabbed the teenagers hand, she placed her hand on the teen's shoulder. She recognized that it was her responsibility to speak up when someone is being preyed on.

Even though this situation was a dramatization, the dangers of potential predators and abduction are real. We should take this warning to heart! This video is a great example of how we can help someone who is in a dangerous situation.

WATCH: Potential Teen Predator Abduction

Credit: Youtube/What Would You Do?

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