Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Grim Prognosis Inspires All With Her Faith As She Says Goodbye

pregnant mom diagnosed Jessica Boesmiller

A pregnant mom diagnosed with a grim prognosis inspires all with her faith as she says goodbye. Just when Jessica Boesmiller brought new life into the world, she began saying goodbye to her family.

In 2017 Jessica was diagnosed with a rare cancer when she was pregnant with twins.

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The news stunned her. But Jessica bravely fought cancer as her family anchored her in faith and prayers.

Jessica Boesmiller, a mom to four precious children, had surgery to remove her eye and then an additional surgery to be fitted for a prosthetic eye. She was given several precious years with her family, and she knew how blessed she was to have that time.

In one of her last posts before she went to be with Jesus, she wrote, "I had a nice visit in the hospital from Father Jonathan last week, and I loved it so much because it showed me exactly how God continues to be in our life, guiding us, caring for us, being exactly what we need. I continue to have FAITH. I know that God will take care of my family either way, this turns out. We all are covered by his love, and dedicated his life to be there for us."

Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Cancer Stays Faithful

What an incredible perspective to have. Isn't that the blessing and joy we have in Christ? We know each day is written in his book of life, and the Bible reminds us of his promises to guide, comfort, and surround us. We have the promise that we will be reunited one day in heaven with new bodies where there will be more pain, sorrow, or disease.

It was a gift to her family to be able to take the little time she had left to pour out her love for her family before her body finally succumbed to cancer.

Jessica left behind four children and a husband who knew just how precious they were to her. Mark, Jessica's husband, announced her passing, "Today, Jessica Boesmiller got her wings. She passed surrounded by a houseful of a loving family that stood vigil throughout the night."

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We pray her family knows she is celebrating eternity with Christ in a new body as she looks forward to the day when they are all reunited.

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