Husband Grieves Pregnant Wife & 3 Boys Hit By Driver Suspected Of Distracted Driving

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The small town of Beecher, Illinois is reeling after a fatal car crash that robbed on man of his entire family. And many suspect that distracted driving is to blame. And as a result, a heartbroken husband now grieves the pregnant wife and 3 boys killed by someone else’s carelessness.

Eddie Schmidt was at work when his 4-months pregnant wife, Lindsey, loaded up their 3 boys — Owen (6), Weston (4) and Kaleb (19 months) — and headed out to Vacation Bible School. Sadly, though, they never arrived.

Pregnant Wife And 3 Boys Killed By Crash

A 25-year-old man was on his way to work. And at an intersection just a short way from the Schmidt home, he barreled through a stop sign. His truck plowed into Lindsey’s Subaru Outback, pushing the 2 vehicles into a nearby field.

The crash killed Lindsey and 19-month-old Kaleb at the scene. An ambulance rushed Owen and Weston, who were in critical condition, to the hospital. Unfortunately, though, their injuries were too great. Weston passed away the following evening, and Owen died 2 days after the crash.

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An investigation revealed the driver of the truck, who suffered only minor injuries, was not intoxicated. However, he was going well over the speed limit. Nothing indicated any attempt to slow down at the stop sign. And for many, this suggests the driver was either texting or talking on his cellphone.

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Now, the driver faces 16 counts of reckless homicide. And a heartbroken husband and father grieves the loss of his entire family. The terrible tragedy is a stark reminder that distracted and reckless driving are just as dangerous as drunk driving.

No one could believe Lindsey and her sweet boys were gone. In a small town like Beecher, a pregnant wife and 3 boys killed so suddenly is an event that rocked the whole community. Prayer vigils broke out, lifting the family up, and everyone rallied around Eddie, the heartbroken husband left behind.

Hope Found In Jesus

It’s tough to know how to move forward in the face of such heartache. But Lindsey had a deep love for the Lord. And Rev. Frank Italiano of the family’s local church reminded everyone of this at the funeral service held for Lindsey and her children.

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Credit: Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune

“Lindsey not only trusted Jesus, she wanted others to do the same,” he said. “And in her death, God is granting this wish.”

Rev. Frank encouraged the 200 mourners in attendance to lean on God as a rock and fortress during this difficult time. He acknowledged that, even as a church leader, it’s difficult to understand the “why” behind intense tragedies such as these. But it’s faith that allows us to find hope even amidst such grief.

“Where’s the glory? Where do we see glory in this week?” he asked the crowd. “We don’t. But you know what? Lindsey, Owen, Weston and Kaleb; they see glory right now … that’s where there is glory.”

He also had a special word for Eddie, which caused him to get quite emotional as he delivered it.

“Eddie, you told me that you were blessed to have Lindsey in your life. You were blessed to have these children,” Rev. Frank said. “And you know what, Eddie, you were a blessing to them too. Because you, as their dad, every night you prayed with your kids. You an Lindsey taught your children to trust Jesus. That means everything.”

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Neighbors, family members and even complete strangers have been chipping in to help Eddie. But we know God is the only one who can see him through this. We’ll be praying for this broken-hearted family, and hope you will, too.

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And we pray that everyone who hears this story will remember Lindsey and her boys the next time they get behind the wheel. Nothing will bring them back. But if their story inspires others to stop texting and driving, at least some good will come from the tragedy.

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