Hardcore Atheist Set Out To Prove God Doesn’t Exist And Ended Up Accepting Jesus Instead

prove God doesn't exist

Marc Lozano, successful by all accounts, failed to do what he was certain he could-prove that God does not exist!

Born into an in-name-only Catholic family, Marc completed the sacraments but stopped attending church by the time he turned 11. His family's casual regard for religion turned to denial.

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Marc shared, "Science had done away with God," and "all of the religious people in the world were kind of talking some nonsense. This kind of led me towards denouncing religion and all of its forms, shapes, signs, and embracing a more materialistic, hedonistic view of the world."

Marc's beliefs, or lack thereof, went relatively unchallenged until he began college. As a voracious reader, he studied Freud and Marx, further solidifying his atheistic view. However, when he began at Florida Southern College, he met two individuals whose equally strong convictions toward Christianity caused him to investigate matters of faith.

Disbelief Kicks Off Man’s Journey To Faith

While attending college on a basketball scholarship, Marc's coach was also a Protestant Christian minister. He begged Marc to go to church, but Marc made excuses, not wanting to offend him. Marc eventually likened God's word to a game of telephone, saying, "You believe in this book that was written 2,000 years ago and Old Testament 6,000 years ago. Most people can't keep their story straight when they tell their best friend what happened to him yesterday."

During his sophomore year, Marc met Taylor. She was also a sophomore and a basketballer. Marc shared during an interview with Cameron Bertuzzi, host of Capturing Christianity, that it was Taylor who was the star; he was just an average player. Nonetheless, he was hired to help Taylor improve her game, and over time, the two became a couple.

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Also raised Catholic, Taylor was devoutly faithful. While Marc's disbelief was built upon intellectual arguments, Taylor's lived within her heart. When the issue of faith caused conflicts between the two, Marc decided he'd simply prove God didn’t exist.

Atheist Sets Out To Prove God Doesn’t Exist

Marc began studying once again. Over the course of five years, Marc read over 100 books on the topic. "I read the Summa Theologica, Augustine, the Bible, the Quran, the tenets of Buddhism. I went through the whole gamut," reported Marc. During that time, Marc graduated college, landed a great job, and married Taylor, not necessarily in that order.

With a degree in international economics and a gifted mind, Marc secured a coveted job with the NBA. By now, his research had begun to shake his long-held atheist beliefs. Five years of study had led Marc to two primary arguments. The first was emotional in nature; the other was intellectual.

Atheist’s Quest To Disprove God Ends Up Questioning His Disbelief

Saint Augustine wrote: "Our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee." This was the first truth to spark Marc's conversion. He stated, "I realized at one point during my intellectual Christianity that I was successful, I was reaching all the goals I wanted to, I was working for the NBA, dream job of my child self, I had this beautiful wife. So, I had about everything that I could have wanted-and financial security and everything-but I'm a miserable person. I was miserable because my heart wasn't resting in God."

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The second argument stems from extreme skepticism, and Marc summarized it in part:

But one thing you know from that extreme skepticism is that existence exists. If existence exists-basically, I will go through all of the logic from that. If existence exists, the essence of existence exists, and the essence of existence has no potentiality in it because it is the essence of existence. And if the essence of existence has no potentiality, it basically has the attributes of God. Therefore, if existence exists, God exists.

And as the essence of existence, it has no potentiality. That means it is all knowledgeable and all-powerful. And something that is all knowledgeable and powerful, therefore, has to be good because the only thing that commits bad things are the things that either lack knowledge or lack power.

That's lofty logic, but it caused Marc to become a "reluctant convert."

Man Fails To Prove God Doesn’t Exist

Marc spoke with Cameron Bertuzzi regarding Taylor's faith that Marc would convert to Christianity and to Catholicism. Marc marveled at her confidence that he'd not only discover the undeniable existence of God but he'd also accept it.

Still, Marc remained hesitant to go to God in prayer. He knew his prayers would be answered, and once that happened, there would be no turning back and no way to plead ignorance moving forward. He’d have to admit he’d failed to prove God didn’t exist.

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Marc's prayers led him to leave the NBA. He saw the organization move in a direction and support activities counter to his new moral code-fostering idol worship and supporting CRT and transgenderism for children.

Marc put his money where his heart is, pulling his assets from investments that did not align with his Christian beliefs.

A Changed Heart

Today, he is the owner of Christ Centered Capital. There, he uses his financial smarts to identify Christian-friendly investments for moral investors who may not be able to distinguish the good from the bad. He finds biblically sound companies to invest in, and he performs this service for free!

He offered, "That's the biggest evangelistic effort. Christ talks a lot about the barrier to the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, money, the love of money. The way in which you obtain that money can be an even bigger barrier."

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"His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'" Matthew 25:21

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