Baby Has Pug Chasing a Flashlight And The Giggles Are Pure Joy

pug chasing flashlight

In the cutest viral video that is sure to make you smile, a baby and pug are chasing a flashlight in a hallway and just having the best time together.

Baby Madison and her pug have found quite a fun past time with just a simple flashlight. As the baby is flashing the light around the floor and walls, the pug is running all around trying to catch it. And the baby cannot contain her joyful laughter as she hilariously laughs at her little dog moving all around. It is the type of sound that you just want to bottle up and listen to over and over again!

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"When these two find a flashlight," the video was captioned when it was shared to TikTok. And it has already gained over 23.6 million views and 42,000 comments since it was uploaded. Madison's parents knew that this sweet video was just too good not to share with others!

Pug Chasing Flashlight Has Baby Giggling in Adorable Video

"A giggling baby and a crazy dog. Does it even get better than this?" one person commented.

"Nothing more precious than a child's laugh," another person wrote.

"I need that sound as a ringtone. I would smile every time the phone rang. Thank you for sharing," commented another person.

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Oh the joy that this viral video has brought to people all over! And the sweet scene is a great reminder to us all that sometimes the best things in life end up being the simplest things. If we just take the time to look around us, we will see how much joy and wonder there is to be found.

WATCH: Cute Baby And Pug Chasing Flashlight

@m.tothea.d.i When these two find a flashlight 🙄 #toddlersoftiktok #bellylaughs #dogsofttiktok #giggles #babygiggle #dogandbaby #bestfriends #babylaugh ♬ original sound – Madi

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok