16-Month-Old Little Girl Was The Victim Of An Adorable Puppy Attack

godupdates puppy attack

It was an adorable moment when a 16-month-old toddler was the victim of a puppy attack. You have got to see it!

Lucy was sitting on the floor in her pink onesie when she got attacked by seven puppies. Now, it was not a vicious attack, it was a very adorable one. The stampede of puppies is just as lovable and cuddly as Lucy is.

The puppies actually wanted to sneak a taste of the snack Lucy had just finished eating and they were too late. Lucy finished it before they can get a bite. But that didn't stop them from bombarding Lucy.

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They all ran to her to give her slobbery licks and she is just loving it! She squeals and giggles with glee. When all of the puppies tried to reach her face all at once, Lucy fell over from the overload of love and kisses.

She did not get hurt because there were enough puppies to fall gently on. It was so cute. She was completely buried under all the wagging fur.

Even though she was struggling to get up from under her pile of puppy buddies, she was still smiling and beaming with delight. She absolutely loves her little puppies. You can hear her parents laughing at all of the cuteness. I mean, nothing is cuter than the sight of a baby playing with her puppies. Good thing they got it all on tap! It is my dream to get trampled by puppies once in my life and I am so jealous of this tiny tot! Does anyone else think this looks like a dream come true?

WATCH: Toddler Overcome By Adorable Puppy Attack

Credit: Rumble/Neil_Raper

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