Students Put up Christmas Decorations for Woman in Hospice and It Brings Her Such Joy

put up christmas decorations

In a sweet act of kindness, students put up Christmas decorations to help a woman struggling with health problems.

Nancy Mattern is 77 years old and lives in Arizona. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 which has negatively affected her. “It affected my heart and my lungs - to be able to do the little things now is really hard,” she shared.

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One of the things that she has not been able to do is put up her Christmas decorations, something that she loves to do. The Christmas season is her favorite time of the year, and that is one reason why she has so many Christmas decorations – enough to fill up her whole garage!

“It just brings out the part of people that you don’t see the rest of the year,” said Nancy.

Students Put Up Christmas Decorations For 77-Year-Old In Hospice

Thankfully, a team of students from a high school in Tucson came to Nancy's home and put all her Christmas decorations up for her. What a sweet surprise! They also played Christmas music while they were there to help her get into the holiday spirit.

Nancy could not have been more thrilled about this act of kindness. This group of high school students really made Nancy's holiday season.

“It’s what Christmas is about, it’s about giving,” Nancy shared. “And to be able to have my Christmas decorations up is something I thought was over and done with. But these kids, with their big hearts, are making it happen.”

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May we all strive to serve others with acts of kindness this holiday season!

WATCH: High Schoolers Help Elderly Woman Decorate For Christmas

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