Man Helps Parents How To Understand Their Teenagers Better

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Being a teenager can be so difficult, but raising teenagers can be a daunting and overwhelming responsibility. And if you have a teenage and things seems to look difficult right now, this message is for you.

Josh Shipp describes raising a teenager like being on a roller coaster ride and I am sure all parents of teenagers can relate to the picture he is painting. He explains that teenagers are so desperate to know that their parents are stable and will always be in their corner. Even if teenagers seem like they do not want to be bothered, they are actually wanting to know if their parents are in their corner.

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While trying to figure out what life is all about, teenagers like to push their parent's limits. But in reality, what you may think that they are fighting against is actually what they need so badly. And that's to know that you truly love and care for them in the way that you do. The hard part about that though is that sometimes teenagers do not understand that their parents are humans too. And that's why this video was made, to help with that perspective.

So, in moments you may feel the most stretched and that your teenager is pushing you way past your limits, look at it as your teenager screaming out for your reassurance. Be encouraged and stay consistent. Keep praying and loving your teenager. Things may not seem like they will get any better with them, but trust me, they will! Hats off to all of the parents of teenagers.

WATCH: Encouragement For Raising Teenagers

Credit: Facebook/Josh Shipp

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