Doctors Spot Something Amiss With Baby Boy And Now This Family Needs Prayers

received bad news

Not long after welcoming their sweet boy to the world, Jac and David Worth received bad news about their son’s health. And now, this family needs all the prayers they can get!

Jac and David Worth are no strangers to heartache. They lost a 7-month-old daughter to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and a baby boy 27 weeks into the pregnancy.

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So, things seemed to be turning around when their baby boy Harrison arrived in July of 2022. But just several months later, the family received bad news from the doctors after they noticed something a bit off.

“She looks him over and notices that one pupil was smaller than the other,” Jac recalled.

The discrepancy may not sound like much. But it led to a devastating discovery — one that left Jac, David, and big sister Merida reeling.

Family Devastated By Alarming Prognosis

Doctors did some tests after noticing the abnormality in Baby Harrison’s eyes.

“From there it really snowballed into x-rays and CTs and lab work to get us a diagnosis that he has cancer,” Jac explained.

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The medical evaluations led to the words no parent ever wants to hear. Doctors diagnosed little Harrison Worth with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. The little boy has a very big tumor, which has launched the family into a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy treatments.

“I always felt for the women and the families that went through it,” Harrison’s mom says. “Then just to be dumped into it so quick with no indication of any signs, it was very very shocking and kind of took a while to accept that that was reality.”

Still, even after they received such bad news, the family is staying strong and keeping positive.

“Our slogan is it's treatable and it's curable,” Jac said. “So when things get rough that’s what we tell ourselves.”

Community Rallies Around Family Who Received Bad News

Even after the family received such bad news, the body of Christ is at work as strangers from the community rally around the Worth family in an effort to support them. A family member set up a fundraising page and immediately folks began donating. According to the updates, the outpouring of support and love all around has overwhelmed the family.

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It’s not easy balancing all of the doctor’s appointments with the regular demands of life. And Jac and David are doing their best to make sure their kids can enjoy their childhood even though their world has been flipped upside down.

“It kind of stinks because I feel like [Merida is] going to have to grow up a little faster than she should,” Jac explained. “So we are just trying to keep those moments for her to be a kid whenever she can.”

Yet, even though Merida is still quite young herself, she understands the focus on Harrison’s needs right now.

“I love my baby brother and he's the best brother,” the sweet girl said.

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Baby Harrison still has a tough journey ahead of him. But we are certain God has a special purpose for this sweet boy. So, prayer warriors, please join us in lifting him and his family up as they walk through this difficult season!

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