This Restaurant Owner Decided To Let God Run Her Business… Now She Doesn’t Charge For Anything!

If you walk into Just Cookin’, a small restaurant in North Carolina, you’ll see a sign posted at the cash register that reads, “What are we worth? I am putting my faith where my cash register is: No prices, no totals, you pay what you think your meal is worth!!!”

Normally, a cheeseburger at Just Cookin’ would ring up to $3.09, but now it costs whatever the customer wants to pay for it. Any ordinary businessperson would probably think that the restaurant’s owner, Dana Parris, is crazy for putting her livelihood in the hands of others’ generosity and judgment: but, Dana is putting her faith where her mouth is. She is putting her livelihood in the hands of God.

“We’re in a very small college town, and in the summer, business just goes down. I had been praying and praying, and this business is God’s business, but I didn’t feel like I was totally giving it over to God,” Dana said. “The cash register is the part I was keeping hold on. I finally just gave up control of it and it has been a blessing.”

When Dana took the leap of faith to let God handle her business, Just Cookin’s revenue tripled. It has also opened up opportunities for so many customers.

“We’ve had some people come to eat who couldn’t have afforded to eat and other people pay a little bit more. It’s been catching on with the other customers. Customers just see a table in the dining room and say, ‘I’m going to pay for their food,’ she said. “Customers leave extra money and say this is for the next person that comes up. We don’t want anybody to feel bad when they come up. If someone just says I want to pay regular menu price, that’s fine too. We’re not forcing anybody to do anything.”

The community has been very supportive of Dana’s new business plan, but we know that with every leap of faith there is always opposition.

“There have been a few doubters and people that have gotten rather irritated. I had one gentleman tell me he wishes he could let a fake God run his business and lay in bed every morning,” Dana explained. “I’m here at five every morning. I open the business and I’m working until close today. I don’t sit home and say, ‘God will do it.’ That’s not what this is about. It’s about applying my faith to every aspect of this business.”

At first, Dana planned for this promotion to only last for one week. Now, because of its success, she has changed her mind, she doesn’t know when or if it will ever end.

“I think I’m just going to keep it going. I’m not sure about actual profits yet, but our revenues have almost tripled and my guest have tripled also,” she said. “I’m amazed. It’s awesome.”

Yes, God has truly been awesome, and He has honored Dana’s faith and obedience! What an example to follow!

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Credit: GMA

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