Woman on Bench Is Reunited with Her Long-lost Pet Showing True Love Just Makes ‘Scents’

reunited with long lost dog

Pets are truly God's way of giving us something tangible that shows us God's unconditional, steady love even when all seems lost. A woman on a bench is reunited with her long-lost dog showing true love that just makes ‘scents.'

There is a world within a world inside a dog's nose. It's been said that a dog's nose can detect odors in parts of a trillion.

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This is why dogs are used to search for missing people, detect bed bugs, drugs, or even help detect blood sugar levels for diabetics. For many of us–pets are God's blessing as a constant furry friend in life.

These two — Valeria Navarro and Harley — were destined to be together before any of their days on earth came to be.

The Perfect Pair

When Valeria Navarro met Harley, it was more than love at first sight. The young lady and pup had a deep, instant connection. Valeria likes to call Harley her ‘soulmate' simply because they are inseparable, and Harley knows exactly what she needs any time, night, or day.

"He's the love of my life," Valeria said. "We have such a connection. He's literally the thing I love most in the world."

Sadly, Valeria's life was in a moment of major upheaval, and she couldn't keep Harley with her. So, she put her beloved furry friend in the care of friends in order to find work overseas. After six months, Valeria returned home, and even in that time, her best friend was on her heart daily, if not moment by moment.

Valeria Navarro Reunited With Long-Lost Dog

When the big day came to be reunited with her long-lost dog, she wanted to prove just how special Harley is. She asked her friends to meet her in the park and see if her best friend could find her scent.

What happened next proved beyond a shadow of a doubt just how special their bond is. Harley recognized her scent right away, and he was beyond overjoyed.

"He recognized me! I was so happy. My heart exploded," Valeria said. "He was so excited. It was amazing."

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In a world filled with people and different smells, Valeria's rises above all. What an incredible gift. I love this story so much because it proves how God created pets to be our constant companions. When we think we can't experience God's love, we need to look no further than the pet he's placed in our care.

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