3 Angelic Voices from Rise Up Children’s Choir Sing a Lovely Version of ‘Down to the River to Pray’

Rise Up Children's Choir Down To The River To Pray

Three sweeties from the Rise UP Children’s Choir, Lydia Oakeson, Isabel Oakeson, and Lyla O., lead us in some beautiful worship with ‘Down To The River To Pray.'

This iconic song has been a gospel favorite for years and the poignant words still ring true today.

"As I went down in the river to pray

Studying about that good old way

And who shall wear the starry crown

Good Lord, show me the way!"

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As our world walks through unprecedented times, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Fear and anxiety start to take over, but those are the moments when truly need to turn to God.

Powerful Worship From 3 Cuties

Today, these young vocalists are reminding us of God's peace and comfort with a special rendition of ‘Down To the River To Pray.'

"O sisters, let’s go down,

Let’s go down, come on down

O sisters, let’s go down

Down in the river to pray"

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Lydia, Isabel, and Lyla O. are members of the Rise UP Children’s Choir. The choir is open to kids age 6 through 18 and they perform songs from every genre of music.

On their website, the mission statement is described. "Every child is born with talents and passions. Rise Up Children's Choir is a place where young performers are encouraged to pursue their passions and celebrate life through creative expression and personal discovery, both as members of the choir and in their daily lives."

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As you listen to these words, always remember that God is with us each step of the way. And in all things, turn to Him in prayer.

WATCH: Rise UP Children’s Choir with ‘Down To The River To Pray’

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