Rory Feek Explains How A Baby Changes Everything

Rory Feek Finds Strength In Indy

Joey and Rory Feek have always shown great faith. Still, losing a spouse is devastating. And Rory admits there are times his grief over losing Joey to cancer is so powerful, he just wants to give up. But our Heavenly Father knew there were days ahead when faith just wouldn’t be enough. And He had a plan. A touching post on This Life I Live reveals how Rory Feek finds strength in Indy, even in his darkest moments.

A Baby Changes Everything

If you’ve followed Joey and Rory’s story at all, then you know what a loving and devoted mother Joey was. Some of the most poignant pictures from her battle with cancer are those that show her positively beaming at her precious daughter, Indy.

Yet, Rory reveals in his blog post that Joey had never wanted children. After all, a baby changes everything. It would get in the way of her goals, her music. . . her dreams.

So, it shocked Rory when Joey came to him one day saying she was ready to be a mother.

It wasn’t about what she “wanted,” but rather about trusting God’s plan for their lives.

"No, I don't," Joey explained when Rory asked if being ready meant she wanted a baby. "But more than what I want, I want what God wants. I can't keep even the smallest part of my hands and my heart closed to Him any longer. . . not after all He's done for us. . . So I wanna to trust Him. I need to trust Him.”

Despite her reluctance, once Joey held Indy for the first time, she was never the same.

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Because a baby changes everything.

And true to His promises, God turned Joey’s greatest fear into one of her greatest gifts once she chose to trust in Him.

“It was Joey's first real glimpse of what unconditional love felt like,” Rory writes. “She knew in that instant, what life was truly all about. She didn't care that Indiana had almond eyes and a single-line across the palms of her hands. And that she was going to grow up with some difficulties that most children don't have. All she knew was that she had been given a gift. The greatest of all gifts. And from that moment on, the woman who was scared to death of being a mother, wanted to be nothing else but a mother.”

But God’s plan wasn’t just for Joey. . .

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Rory Feek Finds Strength In Indy

Rory knows Joey is now in Heaven. Still, her absence leaves a huge, painful hole. And after her passing, as he packed up his truck to head back to their home in Tennessee, despair hit. The kind of despair and grief that is overwhelming.

“Though my faith is strong... as I drove down I-65 in the snow that evening just south of Indianapolis... I knew that on my own, I might've pulled over on the shoulder and curled up into the fetal position.” Rory confessed. “Or even worse, pulled the steering wheel hard left into oncoming traffic.”

But God knew this day would come. And God knows that a baby changes everything.

“But instead, on that drive home that night,” Rory goes on to explain, “I just kept looking in the rear-view mirror, saying, ‘thank you God… thank you’. Strapped in a car seat, smiling back at me as she played with her doll, I saw incredible hope and a future and a lifetime of love that I wouldn't have been able to see on my own.”

Be sure to read Rory’s full post, “A Baby Changes Everything”, at This Life I Live.

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God knows our weakness, and He invites us to trust Him with them. It’s not easy, especially in times of turmoil. But when we submit to His will, God promises to turn our weakness into joy.

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9


Credit: This Life I Live