He May Only Be 16 But Ruben Liversage Sings ‘Sound Of Silence’ Like A Pro At School Concert

Ruben Liversage Sound Of Silence

This Ruben Liversage ‘Sound of Silence’ performance turned your average school concert into something incredible. I think it’s safe to say this 16-year-old has a bright future!

Ruben Liversage is a 16-year-old with the pipes of the next Scotty McCreery!

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At the beginning of the video you see a boy dressed in all white with smoke and lights. That’s 16-year-old Ruben Liversage. Out of his mouth comes a strong, deep, bass voice.

From the side a boy and girl dance beautifully to his dark melody. Then the lights come up and reveal the boy in a white military uniform with a full choir behind him. The show choir dances and sings in a real complementary way to Ruben. The entire performance is stunning and flows so naturally.

There is a real melancholy intrigue within his performance. Originally produced in 1964, Simon and Garfunkel wrote the song, "Sound of Silence.”

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According to SMF "‘The Sound of Silence is symbolic of people's inabilities to effectively communicate with each other on an emotional level."

“And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains, the sound of silence”

Ruben Liversage ‘Sound Of Silence’ Points To God

We all experience emotional hardships at times just like the expression of this song. However, we can pour our hearts out to our God who loves us just like Joseph, David, even Jesus, and many who have gone before us.

Christians know that we will have hard times in this world. However, we can have the hope of Christ in our lives and victory through His resurrection. It is also such a gift to be able to express and share our feelings with others to learn that we are not alone. No matter what darkness you are going through, you are seen and loved by the Lord. You are more than this battle. He has overcome and given you that victory too.

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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

WATCH: 16-Year-Old Ruben Liversage ‘Sound Of Silence’ Performance

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Marika Liversage