Husband Decides To Buy A Lottery Ticket For Teacher Wife After ‘Rough Week,’ And She Wins

scratch off lottery ticket Robyn Mejia

One lucky Maryland teacher won big when her husband decided to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket after she'd had an especially hard week. Robyn Mejia and her husband play the lottery perhaps once a year, but their 2022 turn has turned out far better than expected!

Robyn Mejia teaches elementary school. And, while 39-year-old Robyn is an 18-year veteran teacher, the last couple of years have been hard for educators.

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Between COVID-19 shut-downs and adapting to alternative forms of teaching, it has been a challenge to ensure that students are getting what they need in the classroom. Combine that with spring fever, which seems to strike all school-aged children around this time of year, and our teachers have their hands full!

Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Earns Teacher $50k

Robyn's husband bought her a five-dollar "Ca$h to Go!" scratch-off lottery ticket just to lift her spirits, thinking it might be a fun treat. The ticket turned out to be more than just a sweet gesture. In fact, the winning ticket, purchased at 7-Eleven #28960 in Thurmont, was worth $50,000!

Robyn's bad week turned around quickly! Robyn, who is a mother of two, and her husband have been saving to purchase a new home. With the winnings from the scratch-off lottery ticket, they don't have to wait any longer. Robyn said in a statement to the Maryland Lottery, “We have been saving money for a down payment on a house, thinking we would be ready by the end of the year. But now, we don’t have to wait!”

Wanting to make sure the scratch-off lottery ticket was really a winner, Robyn's husband took it into the store to get it scanned for verification. Then, they asked their brother-in-law to scan it using the Maryland Lottery app. Sure enough, it was the real deal!

Robyn safely stored the ticket until she was able to travel to Baltimore to redeem it over her school's spring break. The seller, 7-Eleven #28960, received a $500-bonus for selling the top prize for this particular game!

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We just never know how things are going to work out! Happy house hunting, Robyn!

"You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." Psalms 128:2

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