Search for Missing Toddler Has Miraculous End As 4-Year-Old & His Dog Are Found in Woods

search for missing toddler

The search for a missing toddler had the best kind of ending when authorities discovered the 4-year-old and his dog safe and sound in the woods.

In this dramatic video, we see a body cam in the heart of the woods running towards a crying little boy. The poor preschooler has been lost in the woods. The mother picks up her son and holds him, and the boy says that he lost his shoe. As the two are reunited, you hear a sigh of relief from the mom.

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In the report, a New Jersey woman lost her 4-year-old son. He and the labrador had been missing for one hour as a search for the missing toddler ensued. You can see the mom running in the forest with the police rescue, quickly looking around for her boy.

Amazing Moment Mom And Missing Toddler Reunite

As they hear a noise, they begin running toward the sound of the dog and boy. The search for the missing toddler uncovers the two unharmed and thankfully safe, now reunited with Mom.

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This is the kind of event that is a parent's worst nightmare, and we see the encouragement of the mother not being alone in her quest to find her son. Thankfully they were able to hear the boy and rescue him.

Viewing this video reminds us of the great rescue that God has for us. We were once lost but now are found. In this clip we witness a visual of what it is like for us. We are like the little boy lost in the woods.

Without Christ we are stuck in the midst of our sin. However, Jesus gives us hope that He has provided a way out through His death on the cross and by His resurrection.

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"Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10

WATCH: Miraculous Ending In Search For Missing Toddler

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