Man Steps In After Seeing A Hummingbird on the Side of the Road and Nurses It Back to Health

seeing a hummingbird

A man steps in after seeing a hummingbird on the side of the road and nurses it back to health.

Hummingbirds are delicate little creatures. Of all of God's creations, they are one of my favorite birds to watch in the wild. They're beautiful, unique, and a paradox of God's creativity. Hummingbirds flap their wings more than 50 times per second. Yet, when they fly, they appear motionless.

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Sam Malloy got the wonderous experience of a lifetime after seeing a tiny hummingbird on the ground.

"I'd just seen this little lump on the sidewalk. I realized that she was a baby. She didn't know how to fly. She was definitely malnourished...I kept trying to get her to fly. There were a couple of times when she'd start flapping her wings really fast. It was like watching a baby take their first steps. Something almost magical about that," he said.

Man Saves Humminbird And Teaches It To Fly

Sam took this little creature in and named her Flit. Flit was malnourished and unable to care for herself.

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So Sam made a nest out of a tote, some material, and a popsicle stick. He then set to work on helping Flit heal, learn how to eat, and eventually learn how to fly.

As Flit grew stronger, so did her confidence in her ability to fly. Sam was proud seeing the hummingbird make such progress.

Eventually, he knew she would need to return to the wild. So he got to work on teaching her how to identify her food using bright red paper mache wrapped around her feeding syringe. The day came when it was time to say goodbye to Flit and set this tiny flying acrobat free.

The moment she took flight, she went straight to a food source in a foliage of trees. Seeing the hummingbird able to care for herself, Sam knew right then, Flit was going to be okay. Like Sam and Flit, we are not measured by our ability to fly but by trusting God will take care of us. God gives us the confidence to rest in Him, and when we do, we are strengthened. What an incredible encounter with God's creation.

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"You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence" Isaiah 30:15.

WATCH: Man Steps In After Seeing A Hummingbird on the Side of the Road

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