Senior Slip N Slide Brings Laughs For Residents At Nursing Home

senior slip n slide

The residents of The Oaks At Northpointe were in for a surprise when they got to enjoy a senior slip n slide at their nursing home one afternoon. What a fun way to be active!

This Zanesville, Ohio assisted living facility is not your average senior living community. On their Facebook page, The Oaks is known for "no long, barren hallways or depressing décor.

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Instead, our rooms are filled with warmth, the smell of home-cooked food, and friendly people who never pass up an opportunity to say hello." Another noteworthy feature of the community is their Senior Health and Wellness Day.

On this particular sunny day, the residents experienced a throwback to their youth as staff prepared a Slip N Slide outside. Many of us have taken our own rides on this popular summer staple which features a long, slick mat that is covered with water.

Nursing Home Residents Have A Blast On Senior Slip N Slip

Some people will slide down using just their bodies. But these residents were set up on a special float that allowed them to be safely strapped in. Then, two staff remembers guided the float down the slide at a controlled speed.

As we watch this resident take her turn on the attraction, you can see the huge smile spread across her face. Just because we grow older does not mean that we cannot experience the joys and wonders from our youth.

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It's so incredible to see this assisted living facility work so hard to make sure that their residents are happy, healthy and full of life. Other people are taking notice too. In fact, this clip has over 7 million views across social media and the number is still climbing.

This is just another example that age is just a number.

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