Newborn Twins Won’t Stop Crying When They’re Separated At Birth

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After their birth, nurses needed to do the usual medical checks on babies Weston and Caleb. But the separated newborn twins cried uncontrollably until they were back together and touching. And the whole Internet is falling in love with their incredible bond!

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between siblings. And the special bond between twins is something you can’t quite explain. And that’s why a video of twins Weston and Caleb Lyman has gone viral.

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The twin boys were born nearly 4 weeks premature. But despite their early arrival, the delivery went smoothly and both of the tiny boys were perfectly healthy.

They were pretty happy, too. That is, until hospital staff tried separating them!

Separated Newborn Twins Can’t Stand Being Apart

After their birth, nurses briefly separated Caleb and Weston so they could check their individual vitals. And that’s when they realized just how close these brothers had already become!

Dane, the twins’ dad, caught the special moment on camera. As soon as the boys were apart, they both started crying hysterically. And it looked like nothing would calm them down!

But then the nurses finally put the boys back together. And almost as soon as their tiny bodies touched, the crying stopped. The two seemed to comfort each other!

Separated Newborn Twins Stop Crying Once They Are Reunited


While it may have only been a short moment, the brothers weren’t used to being apart.

“My wife Lisa wasn’t able to see that and didn’t even know it was happening. When I showed her, she was emotional and grateful I captured that moment. We both still tear up when we watch it,” Dane says.

Bond Of Separated Newborn Twins Blesses Others

The precious boys are now at home with their loving family, which includes two older sisters — Corrine and Amelia.

And Dane says the girls can’t get enough of their newborn brothers!

separated newborn twins stop crying when reunited

Credit: Daily Mail

Dane and Lisa were praying for the boys to share a special bond.

“One of our greatest hopes, when we found out we were having twins, was that, as they grew, they would be good friends and support one another,” Dane explains. “Seeing them comfort each other just moments after birth was almost like the first step in that special relationship.”

And while Dane and Lisa never expected the video to get all the attention it’s getting, they recognize what a blessing it is to others.

“We just hope they brighten someone’s day. They sure brighten ours!” Dane said.

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We pray as these sweet boys grow older, they hold onto this special bond. What an amazing moment all captured for the family to cherish for a lifetime!

WATCH: Separated Newborn Twins Cry Until Reunited

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