They Grabbed A Sheet To Save A Dog Falling From The Side Of An Apartment Building

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When neighbors looked up and saw a dog clinging to life they gathered on the ground to save her. And it was all caught on video!

Dogs are infamous for getting into everything. How this dog got herself into this situation, I have no idea. But thankfully she is still here to tell the tale. Somehow, she managed to squeeze herself past the patio fence of a fourth-floor apartment. She was holding on for dear life, but she was losing her grip.

Neighbors saw that she was in a bad situation, so they thought fast. Since they could not rescue her from the patio in time, they came up with another solution. They grabbed a sheet and ran down the stairs to go outside.

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Four people held each side of the sheet. They held it wide open so that when the dog lost her grip, the sheet will keep her from falling to the ground. And that's exactly what happened.

The little doggy was fighting to hold tight, but she could not hold on any longer. She was heading right toward the ground. But thankfully, everyone was in place waiting for that very moment and she was unharmed!

One kind woman quickly scooped her up into her arms and begins to comfort her with pats and hugs. You could see that the poor doggy was very stressed out from the whole incident. She was panting so hard, but I know that she is happy to be alive. And her owner is too!

WATCH: Neighbors Save A Falling Dog

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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