7 Short Inspirational Christmas Stories To Center Your Heart On The Real Reason For The Season

short inspirational christmas stories

Need a reminder of what the Christmas season is all about? These short inspirational Christmas stories are a great way to refocus your heart onto the real reason for the season — Jesus!

We often call it the most wonderful time of the year. But with all the decorations, gifts, Christmas cards, family photos, cookie baking, gatherings… the list goes on and on… it’s easy to lose sight of the real reason we celebrate.

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That reason, of course, is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This was God’s gift to the world. He sent His Son to die for us, so we could be free from sin.

It’s the greatest love story ever told. And we pray these 7 short inspirational Christmas stories will help bring peace and joy to your heart!

1) Short Inspirational Story About Christmas Miracle For Baby With 0% Chance

In this short inspirational Christmas story, Becki and Phil Crook experienced their very own Christmas miracle following the difficult birth of their son, Kaleb.

Becki gave birth to her son, Kaleb Crook, inside her home because the labor came on so quickly there wasn’t enough time to get to the hospital. But it was clear something was very seriously wrong with the baby boy.

"Kaleb was delivered, but we quickly saw that he was pale, floppy, and not breathing," Becki recalled.

Things only got worse after arriving at the emergency room. At some point during either Becki’s pregnancy or delivery, Kaleb suffered severe oxygen starvation. Doctors told Phil and Becki Crook their son had 0% chance of survival. They advised the family to begin saying their goodbyes.

But God is the one with the final say over death and life. And miraculously, Kaleb Crook defied all of his doctor’s expectations and made it home just in time for Christmas. Click here to continue reading about this incredible Christmas miracle!

2) The History And True Meaning Of The Christmas Tree

Once Christmastime rolls around, Christmas trees start popping up all over the place. In the windows of homes, inside of stores, outside of churches — they’re everywhere!

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But how did the time-honored tradition of the Christmas Tree come to pass? And what does it have to do with the birth of Christ? Click here and this short inspirational Christmas story will give you more information than you could ever imagine about the history and true meaning of the Christmas Tree.

3) The Short Inspirational Story Behind The Christmas Spider and Tinsel on Your Tree

Tinsel is a popular Christmas tree decoration. In fact, in the 1950s, tinsel was more popular than lights for decorating Christmas trees.

You can trace tinsel's origins back to Germany in 1610 and the legend behind the beloved decoration is fascinating. It all has to do with a widow and a Christmas spider. Click here for the short inspirational story and impress your friends with this bit of random Christmas trivia! Or you can listen to the Christmas Spider legend below.

4) Mom Comes Face To Face With A Koala In The Christmas Tree

One mom in Australia walked in to find an extra decoration on her Christmas tree that is anything but traditional.

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After leaving the door to the home open, a curious koala bear found its way inside and made itself comfy in the family’s Christmas tree. And it made for the surprise of a lifetime when Australian mom Amanda McCormick walked into the living room and found herself face to face with a koala in the Christmas tree!

Click here to read the short inspirational Christmas story about this unlikely holiday visitor.

5) Short Inspirational Christmas Story About Special Surprise An Elderly Man Leaves His 2-Year-Old Neighbor

In this positive news story, an elderly next-door neighbor became a Christmas angel to 2-year-old Cadi Williams.

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Cadi’s dad, Owen Williams, had always considered Ken Watson, the older man next-door, a "real character." But Owen didn’t realize just how special the bond between Ken and his family was until the older man passed away.

Soon after Ken’s passing, a knock came on Owen’s door. There stood Ken’s daughter with tears in her eyes. She held a big, plastic bag filled to the brim with surprises for 2-year-old Cadi. Click here and read the short inspirational story to find out what the incredible Christmas surprise was!

6) Young Widower And Father Of 7 Breaks Down When A Stranger Hands Him $10k

The Christmas season is all about hope. And following a terrible tragedy, an act of kindness turned things around for a widowed father of 7.

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Nothing could have prepared Dakota Nelson for the day his 38-year-old wife, Ream, would collapse in their garage. Suddenly, this young widower was trying to wade through his own grief while caring for his 7 children.

But then a stranger approached him unexpectedly in a parking lot. In addition to a flood of support and prayers from the community, Dakota Nelson and his family received a Christmas gift from an anonymous secret Santa. And the impact it had on the grieving father of 7 is a beautiful reminder of the power of kindness.

Click here to read the inspirational Christmas story of hope!

7) The Moment You Never Noticed In A Charlie Brown Christmas

Another popular Christmas tradition for many families is watching A Charlie Brown Christmas each year.

Charlie Brown grows frustrated as he watches the classic Peanuts characters become distracted by all the worldly things of Christmas. But just as he fears none of his friends remember the true meaning of Christmas, Linus’ character recites Luke 2:8-14.

It’s a moment many remember. But there’s one important thing from this scene many people miss. Right in the middle of speaking, Linus drops his blanket.

Why is that a big deal? Click here to discover the simple yet powerful behind the moment Linus drops his blanket.

Focus On The Hope Of Christ

It is our sincere hope that these 7 short inspirational Christmas stories helped your mind and heart center on the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a time when we can rediscover hope.

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And no matter how dark our days may seem, Christmas is a reminder that God will fulfill His promises!

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