Video Compilation Of Older Siblings Meeting Their New Baby Siblings For The First Time

godupdates sibling video compilation

This sibling video compilation is the sweetest video you will ever watch! Siblings are meeting their new baby sibling for the first time and the special moments have been captured on video for the world to see!

The video compilation started off with a big sister bawling her eyes out because she is so overjoyed by her new baby sister. She told her daddy that it is the best thing in the world and that she is so happy! I felt the same way when I was holding my baby sister for the first time!

One little guy is already making plans to become a fireman with Tommy, his new little brother. He is holding him while talking all about who they are going to be when they get older. They are going to have a really good time!

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Another big sister was holding her new baby sibling when the baby started crying. At first reaction, she was so tickled by his adorable cry, that she smiled and giggled a little bit. But then she quickly calmed the baby down by telling him that he was okay! And he was soothed and stopped crying. It was so sweet!

My favorite clip was when a big brother was singing "You Are So Beautiful" to his new baby sibling. It was so precious because the baby was enjoying the song, smiling so sweetly. I loved it! If you are an older sibling, how excited were you when your little sibling was born?

WATCH: Adorable Sibling Video Compilation

Credit: Facebook/Daily Picks and Flicks

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