Singer Jennifer Hudson Shows Up At Sam’s Club And Blesses Strangers By Paying Their Bills

singer jennifer hudson sam's club surprise

Singer Jennifer Hudson had a huge surprise for Sam’s Club shoppers when she showed up and paid for their carts of groceries and merchandise. What a lovely blessing!

Jennifer is decked out in red with silver nails as she declares her intention to spread "a little holiday cheer." But she's spreading a lot of love and kindness during her interactions with customers. Check it out!

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After a few quick greetings, singer Jennifer Hudson shops with a busy sports mom who has three hungry kids to feed. Ms. Hudson helps load cupcakes and baked chicken into the cart, and she taste-tests-asking Sam if he minds-an apple pie in the bakery. She is hilarious! And super sweet! Momma is surprised by and appreciative of the superstar's generosity when she pays for her cart full of groceries!

She grabs a couple of guys on the go, tossing a decorative pillow into one cart and sharing some "light" with another!

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Next, she's lovin' on a couple of gorgeous grandmas who have twelve grandkids between them. Jennifer is on a roll now, happily throwing toys in the carts for the two and others along the way.

Christmas Blessings From Singer Jennifer Hudson

One customer wants a hug, which Jennifer lovingly offers, and a gentleman in the jewelry department gets a woman's opinion. That's an opinion worth trusting! Nico's mommy is going to love her gems and new perfume!

Jennifer finds her way to the exterior illumination section of the store to help a young mom who has a baby turning one on Christmas Day!

Singer Jennifer Hudson is making sure her precious baby will live in a holiday home that rivals Clark's! The singer-turned-talk show host embraces the sweet mommy when she becomes emotional and teary.

Circling back to the grandmas who are still shopping, Jennifer helps them finish and pays for 9 carts of goodies for the grandkids!

Back in the studio, Jennifer tells audience members that they are all getting a one-year membership to Sam's Club and a $100 gift card to use there! The crowd goes wild!

Singer Jennifer Hudson wasn't born with lots of money, and she's endured her share of loss, losing three family members to violent crime in her hometown of Chicago. But, she's doing her best to make lives better-sharing her time, talent, heart, and resources with others during the holiday season. That's something to be wild about!

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"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give." Matthew 8:10

WATCH: Singer Jennifer Hudson Pays For Sam’s Club Shoppers

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